Workout ETT - Agencia de Trabajo Temporal Para Eventos

We are specialists in talent management

Our objective is to offer a personalized service for recruitment, selection, training and hiring of workers, in an agile and efficient manner.

Our great experience accumulated after almost 20 years in the sector, positions us as the benchmark when it comes to recruiting qualified personnel and offering temporary work solutions.

Our area of​ pecialization:

We address all those companies in the media sector.

We solve the hiring of personnel that requires any type of audiovisual production, specializing mainly in the following areas:

personnel for media and audiovisual sector - Workout ETT

Types of solutions

temporary job

We manage the temporary staff of our client companies. We select and make available those temporary workers that the organization requires, depending on the type of production, facilitating a rapid adaptation to the workforce.

Staff pick

Our specialized databases and great knowledge of the market allow us to identify and select the talent that client companies need and that best integrates with their work model.

Contract management

We take care of the management of all the hiring of the candidates selected by the client.

Works with

Register and subscribe to our job offers.

With just one click, you will be able to find out about our vacancies, follow your applications, create alerts and save searches.

Manage all your labor documentation directly from our worker portal.

of work

We use various channels in the recruitment process: specialized databases, specific employment portals, RRSS and WORKOUT’s own employee portal.

We use various channels in the recruitment process: specialized databases, specific employment portals, RRSS and WORKOUT’s own employee portal.

We carry out a meticulous compliance with the Legal / Labor requirements that the incorporation of the worker requires.

Labor documentation and
personnel management
client website and
Electronic signature of CDP'S
and labor contracts
management application

Workout ETT

Legal security

• Less legal risk, through legal advice.
• A correct execution of the Contract and making it available to the workers.
• Workers trained and informed about Occupational Risk Prevention.

Talent attraction

• The best candidates in the shortest possible time.
• Quick ability to adapt to the work environment.
• Agile response, higher performance.

Flexibility and cost savings

• Allows you to focus on the "core" of the activity itself.
• Transfer of fixed costs to variables. • Flexibility to adapt your template to your needs.
• Design the temporality curve.
• Reduction of contingencies.
• Control of expenses derived from the eventuality.
• Cost savings and increased productivity.

Specialization and knowledge of the sector

• We speak the same language and understand your needs.
• Professionals with experience in the sector.
• We offer a specialized solution.



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